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nines de paper
Dolls maraki are cut with paper scissors, like the old days, and dressed up by folding the tabs, like the old days, but the clothes they wear are like the new ones that you and I use in nowadays.

We can ask them for Christmas present from Santa Claus, or maybe the Tooth Fairy will leave them under our pillow when we lose a tooth. It can be a present from our uncles or our elder brothers, or we can give it as a present to our grandmother or our neighbour. They can be a great company during rainy days, we can bring them to school to exchange outfits with our friends, to draw up new dolls or outfits, and
afterwards we can keep them in a drawer so we can play with them whenever we feel like.

Dolls maraki do not have a top model body but they do not mind, all the contrary, they are pleased with their body and do not try to hide it. They like to wear any kind of clothes, lending their outfits to one another and making up stories.

The first dolls maraki were born in 2006 and every year since then new dolls are created. If you want to learn how they are made, please visit the section "How is it made?".
Dolls maraki are created, designed and printed in the area of Valles Oriental, Barcelona, and they are distributed by train, bicycle or ordinary mail.

If you had a good time with dolls maraki and you want to tell us about it, or if you came up with a new idea, please send us an email to the following address:

Every envelope includes a doll and 14 to 20 outfits in two sheets of 21 x 15 cm, printed in high quality paper of 200g.
Recommended age: from 5 years old.